• There Are The Causes – Do You Exercise And Not Lose Weight?

    Do you exercise and not lose weight

    Exercising to lose weight is, without a doubt, the best decision along with an improvement in eating habits. It is not the first time that someone tells me that they have started exercising and do not lose weight. Although it may seem a contradiction, it is something completely normal, especially in the first weeks.

    This is something that demotivates many and even ceases the activity to believe that it is not effective. Let’s see in detail what happens in your body when you exercise and do not lose weight. It can even be the case of gaining weight. This especially occurs in the first weeks of exercise and in people who are not used to sports.

    Why does not it happen to everyone?

    Losing weight depends on so many factors that someone who also exercises may lose weight in the first few days. Here the diet, rest and the rest of activity that we have throughout the day will play a very important role.

    Basically, if we create an energy deficit, in the long run we will lose weight. Nevertheless, if we exercise and maintain the same diet or even the first days of exercising. We have more appetite and eat more; probably the weight is the same. However, not because the exercise does not take effect, but because what we lose from fat, on the other hand we are gaining it due to the adaptations created by the exercise that we have commented.

    If at the same time, we start exercising we change our eating habits and create a caloric deficit that is if we are going to start losing weight. However, if we exercise and maintain our diet, we may have that paradox of exercising and staying, or even winning something.

    Conclusions about starting exercise and losing weight

    I always say that the most difficult thing to lose weight is not exercise or diet, the most difficult thing is to stay motivated long enough until we realize that in the long run. It is something that works. That it is not something immediate or miraculous and that our body needs time to adapt to the new situations that we put in front of it.

    Although your body stays in the weight because you gain lean mass, retain more nutrients and gain volume of water, think that at the same time you are also losing fat, which is what most interests us in this process. There will come a point at which the gains will stabilize and we will only lose while we maintain the exercise plan with best treadmills.

    Keep in mind that this process of adaptation to the exercise can last even a month, which is why I say that motivation and patience are very important. In addition, go little by little increasing the intensity or duration of the exercise sessions, since our body will become more efficient and will not spend the same calories when it adapts to a type of exercise.

    Thinning should not be something immediate, but a long distance race, where we are changing habits and little by little, we are releasing ballast, so that our body assimilates the losses well, without drastic changes. Losing even 300-500 grams a week is quite an achievement. Think that with constancy those numbers will translate into 15-25 kilos in a year. Slowly but surely.

    Exercising is not the best way to lose weight

    Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising are usually the general tips for those who want to lose weight. However, even though both councils are united, exercising is not at the same level as eating healthy. In fact, exercising is one of the most difficult ways to lose weight.

    Burning calories

    Exercise is a way to lose weight. The evidence is very solid. But it is a difficult and painful way, which requires great effort and sacrifice to obtain minimal results. In fact, recently we knew that running was not the best way to lose weight either

    Our balance of energy is determined mainly by what we consume and our metabolic rate (the energy that is burned when it does not do anything). Our liveliness balance is determined only in a small measure by how active we are (although the metabolic rate can be extended if, for example, we gain muscle).

    The American College of Sports Medicine mentions accumulating 250 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week to lose weight. That is double the amount of physical activity suggested for good health (30 minutes most days). In other words: if we do not diet, we will hardly lose weight, no matter how much exercise we do. Nevertheless, you can lose weight even if we do not exercise.

    In food, what is the recommended food? On the one hand, we have recommended foods to help burn fat and foods that nutritionists prohibit if you want to lose weight

    Losing Weight At Home Is Possible

    If you are aiming to lose weight, on this page you will find different exercises and disciplines that will help you achieve it. Thus, you can choose the training method that best suits your needs. How will we do it? Very simple, you can choose between a routine of exercises to lose weight at home and disciplines focused on burning calories.

    However, before you start you must have a very clear thing, to lose weight is essential to carry out a balanced diet low in calories. Otherwise, it is really difficult to lose weight, unless you have perfect genetics.

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