• Top Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

    Having a baby is a wonderful, fulfilling experience for any woman, and the time spent enjoying your newborn baby is absolutely priceless. However, the many changes the body goes through during pregnancy can take toll, leaving you with unwanted extra weight which can be very difficult to lose, especially when you are a busy new mom. Taking care of the newborn baby can be extremely time- consuming, and losing the extra weight can feel like an impossible task. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can motivate yourself to lose the weight. So without further ado, here are the top tips on how to motivate your-self to lose weight.

    1. Keep a Weight Loss Journal

    Self-monitoring is very important, especially when you are trying to lose baby weight. Research has shown that new mom who normally track their daily food intake, are much more likely to lose the baby weight and keep it off. That said, it’s important to note that in order to keep a good weight loss journal, you need to write down every single thing you consume. This can include: snacks, meals, beverages, desserts, etc. You can also record your emotions in the journal; this will not help you identify triggers for binge eating, but will also help you find better ways to cope.

    1. Make a Commitment

    Research has revealed that people who make public commitments are much more likely to follow through with their weight loss goals. Informing other people about your particular weight loss goals will not only motivate you, but will also help you remains accountable. You can tell your husband, your friends, family members and co-workers about your intention to lose the extra weight. It can also be helpful to have a weight loss buddy who you can work out with, encourage each other, celebrate successes and hold each other accountable throughout the process. When you are feeling down, your weight loss buddy will be there to motivate you. Just make sure you pick a buddy who has the same commitment level as you.

    make a commitment weight loss

    1. Find Exercises You Enjoy

    Exercising is imperative when you’re trying to lose baby weight. It does not only help you shed the extra weight, but it also enhances your overall well-being. You should find exercises you enjoy doing, because by doing so, it’ll be easier to stick to your workout routine. Today, there are lots of different types of exercises, and it is wise to explore the different options available so that you can find exercises you enjoy doing. Cardio is considered to be one of the easiest forms of exercise for losing baby weight. However, it should not be your only kind of exercise.

    Find Exercises You Enjoy

    1. Think Positively

    Your motivation will increase if you always keep a positive attitude toward your goals. If you are always thinking negatively about losing weight, you need to stop it right now. Start by changing your mindset, and viewing weight loss as a positive thing. You are actually doing your body a huge favor. Think about all the advantages of a much healthier lifestyle, and keep that in mind whenever you are tempted to cheat or go astray.

    Think Positively

    That being said, it’s important to note that when you are trying to lose baby weight, you’re likely to encounter some setbacks. Keeping a positive outlook even during those tough times, will help you remain focused on your weight goals. For instance, if you happen to miss a workout session, you don’t have to beat yourself up too much. You simply need to make it up with something that’s a little more demanding the next time you hit the gym.

    1. Eat Healthy

    This goes without saying; to lose the extra weight, you need to eat healthy. You should avoid eating out, and consider eating healthy foods at home. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are some of the foods which have minimal calories and can help you lose the extra weight. Moreover, eating such foods, makes you feel more energized and invigorated, and this can give you the much needed motivation boost.

    Eat Healthy

    1. Invest in Professional Help

    This option might not be for everyone, but if you’re trying to get rid of the baby weight quickly, having a dedicated professional to help you out is a good idea. This may mean looking for a registered dietitian or a licensed personal trainer to teach you about various foods, or how to exercise properly.

    1. Search Out Inspiration

    You can find motivation from other moms’ successes. There are lots of moms out there who have actually gone through what you’re going through, and many of them are ready and willing to help you follow their lead. You can read their articles, blogs and testimonials, and feed off their motivation, excitement, and encouragement.

    1. Choose a Weight Loss Plan Which Fits Your Lifestyle

    You’ll find that you’ve a much easier time staying motivated to lose weight, when you’ve a weight loss plan which fits your lifestyle. Today, there are thousands of weight loss plans in the market, most of which are based on cutting calories. Avoid the extremely strict plans which eliminate or demonize certain foods, because such plans can be very difficult to follow in the long term. Instead, choose a weight loss plan which you will be able to stick to in the long haul.

    1. Surround Yourself With Your Weight Loss Goals

    One of the most effective ways of keeping yourself motivated is surround your-self with different kinds of visual aids pertinent to your weight loss goals. For instance, you can fill your office desk or workstation with motivational quotes and post it notes, to help you get in the mood for a workout.

    Surround Yourself With Your Weight Loss Goals

    1. Do Not Overwhelm Yourself

    It’s important to give yourself enough recovery time. If you over-exert yourself, especially when working out, it’ll seem more like a form of punishment, and this might end up demotivating you. Try to make a reasonable schedule which you can stick to; by doing this, you’ll enjoy a guilt free break, while achieving the weight loss goals you have set.


    Staying motivated is very important for long term weight loss success. Different people find different factors for motivation, and it is important to find what motivates you. That said, remember to celebrate the little successes, and never be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. With the right mindset and support, you will be able to stay motivated and reach your particular weight loss goals.

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