Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are anti-obesity drugs which are occasionally administered to patients to aid their weight loss. In addition to weight loss pills, a healthy diet plan as well as regular exercise is incorporated into the medication treatment in order to achieve the desired result.

Weight loss pills may be the best option for people with complicated challenges like hypertension, type 2 diabetes and huge cholesterol that cannot experience weight loss with regular exercise and good eating regimen alone. However, it is worthy to emphasize that weight loss pills should not be substituted for healthy diet and exercise.  Studies have shown that patients who use weight loss pills often loss between 5 to 10% their original body weight over a twelve month period when they combine it with diet and exercise.

Weight loss pills may not work for everyone. However, it is usually advisable to shed one to two pounds of weight per week.

what is weight loss pills

It is essential to consult your physician before embarking on weight loss prescription. Your physician will check your medical history and confirm if you are medically fit.

Medical history include drug allergies, current medications being used, whether you are pregnant or nursing a child.

There are varieties of weight pills, drugs and supplements, and they function through the following mechanism:

  • They reduce appetite and aid the consumption of fewer calories.
  • They reduce the absorption of nutrients such as fats, in order to allow the intake of fewer calories.
  • In addition, they increase the burning of fat and ensure that more calories are burnt.

Women should avoid the intake of weight loss pills during pregnancy to avoid harm to the fetus. Majority of the weight loss pills usually indicate certain conditions to be met. These conditions include the specification of Body Mass Index (BMI) and a serious medical risk prior to using them.

Obese patients who desire to use weight loss pills are required to attain a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30kg/m2 while overweight patients must have BMI above 27kg/m2. Medical risks which can prompt an individual to using weight loss polls are: high cholesterol, sleep apnea, stroke, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Weight loss has never been an easy task as time, effort, commitment and discipline are greatly involved before substantial result is achieved. Many professionals and mothers have tight schedule, hence, they find it difficult to engage in exercise or prepare healthy meals. People who fit into this group are compensated with weight loss pills.

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Numerous weight loss pills are available today each with its merits and demerits. It is essential to make a good choice and be conversant with weight loss pills reviews so as so arm yourself with the necessary information before selection.

Everyone knows that the key to achieving a slim and healthy life is to incorporate a balanced diet regime, regular exercise as well as getting enough rest. Weight loss pills provide a short cut. Should you opt for these pills, understanding how they work is equally important.

When excess fat get accumulated in a person’s body, such a person is said to gain weight. Overweight has become a serious issue over the years and its consequences can be worrisome as it leaves people unattractive, non- confident coupled with varieties of diseases.

Many factors contribute to weight gain in an individual. Some of them are absence of physical activity, rate of metabolism, poor dietary pattern, genetic factors and body illness.

The rate of success of weight loss pills vary from person to person.


Weight loss pills are identified by the type of action they perform.

Major types to be discussed here are:

Each of these will be discussed below.

  1. Fat burners

Fat burners help to break down internal body fat. Here, fat enters into the blood stream as free acids. They are from there taken to the cells in the muscles where are burnt.

Below are functions of fat burners.

  • They provide energy which boosts workout performance. A person with higher energy will engage in more physical activities which will help him burn more calories.
  • They stimulate natural hormones which assist the system to speed up metabolism and anabolism
  • They suppress appetite by making a person eat less. It is essential that you take multivitamins in case you lose eating appetite to enable you get necessary nutrients in the absence of calories.
  1. Appetite suppressants

They work by taking off eating urge, hence, allowing an individual to keep down the consumption of fat. There are several brands of these pills. They are the oldest type of pills for weight and have been successfully used by many people.

Appetite suppressants aid weight loss through a logical method. These methods include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Satiate hunger so that your stomach becomes full.

The principle of operation of appetite suppressants is to stop you from becoming hungry. Since you will consume less food in the absence of hunger, hence, lose weight.

The principle is very simple as the only psychological need for food motivation is hunger while the motivation for intake of food is appetite. Both hunger and appetite are suppressed by this pill.

  1. Fat blockers

They affect lipase enzymes which carry out fat absorption, hence, block fat. They are not only safe, but healthy to use. With a good dietary plan, they can assist people to lose weight. In the event that a person consumes fatty meals, fat blockers are still able to aid weight loss, block fat and prevent weight gain.

  1. Fat binders

These weight loss pills are popularly called fat magnets. They function by ensuring that fats are tied up prior to their digestion, prevent them from being absorbed by the body. In this case, when food is taken, before it is completely digested, fats are broken down. The fat float at the surface of the stomach. The fat binders render fat insoluble and make them unabsorbed by the body. The insoluble fat is removed from the body as waste.

  1. Carbohydrate blockers

They aid weight loss by preventing the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose as well as making it possible for the body to absorb them. Hence, blocking them. Here, there is a reduction of calories entering the body.


  1. Weight loss pills help in appetite suppress, calories burning, metabolism boost and increase energy levels.
  2. They help in the improvement of body cholesterol levels as well as reduction in cardiovascular diseases.
  3. They influence absorption rate since they allow the body to burn fat rather than storing it.
  4. Some weight loss pills are produced using natural ingredients which are not only safe, but are devoid of side effects.


There is need to address your poor eating habits and lack of regular exercise which boost weight gain. The truth of the matter is that no particular weight gain or supplement can suit the needs of everyone since we all have different body compositions. However, you can lose weight through the application of one or more of these mechanisms.

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