How to Waist Train Effectively and Safely – Success Tips

how to wear waist train effective and safety

Tips – “How to Waist Train Effectively and Safely

If you are interest or new to waist training, I believe you can get the most out of your training via these tips. These tips based on feedback from thousands of girls we have worked with, and many years of experience helping girl waist cinchers and waist train with steel boned corsets.

  1. Make sure you get your size right. Wearing a corset that’s too small won’t get you results any quicker, and poor fitting corsets lead you to feel uncomfortable.
  2. Find a waist trainer that suits your body type. Corsets are available in many distinct styles developed to suit different body types. Read this style guide, and you will get your comfortable corset that suit your body type.
  3. Your corset will need “seasoning.” You can lace up your corset but don’t lace it too closely. Adjust and ensure you able to slide several fingers to your whole hand in the bottom or top of your waist corset.
  4. Just wear your corset 1.5 to 2 hours the first time you use it. Repeat this step several times over the first few days of breaking in your corset. Corset not just applies to those who wish to waist train; it can apply to a wedding event and special occasion.
  5. The keyword of waist training is “gradually.” Do not tighten to the point where it is painful. We suggest slowly increasing your own time from 1.5 hours to about 6-8 hours a day over the course of 10-14 days. Do not rush it due to you will risk damaging yourself and the corset if you try too much too soon.
  6. Give yourself a rest. Plan out some days you can wear your waist corset for many hours and other days only wear for a few hours.
  7. Don’t ignore a healthy diet and exercise regimen while you waist training. If you do well, you will have a chance of seeing results and feeling great both out and in of your corset.
  8. Don’t expect lingerie or fashion corset able to bring a good result (such as Victoria’s Secret); it’s designed for good looking rather than waist training. A real waist corset trainer often has the steel boning necessary to “cinch” properly, but fashion corset doesn’t have.
  9. Cincher almost made of latex, so if you’re allergic to latex then avoid to use a waist cincher.
  10. If you’re between sizes, choose the larger one. A corset is meant to be tight, but it will not achieve your desired results quickly, so doesn’t wear a corset that’s too tight may damage the corset or even your body.
  11. Choose a high-quality waist corset made with flat and spiral steel bones as well as flat steel busk to get the best results.
  12. Learn this trick of “stealthing,” so no one will know you’re doing waist training.
  13. If you plan to train your waist while you’re sleeping, tighten your corset about an inch to an inch and half less than you would for daytime corseting.

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