Waist Trainer and Corset – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between waist trainer and corset? I had six years’ experience of waist training and will keep going on. I have seen a lot of people want to step in waist training but not know about waist trainers and corsets. Some people even confused and think both as “waist trainer corset.” There has only terms “waist trainer (cincher)” and “corset” but no such term “waist trainer corset” within waist training.

In this article, I will openly answer you the differences between a corset and waist trainer (also known as waist cincher), and how you can use both to work together on your to achieve waist training goals. Waist trainer indeed similarity to a corset, we will explain to you. The latex waist trainer (waist cincher) which is used to define those shaping garments that’s specific to the abdomen. A waist trainer can shave 1-3 inch off your waistline while you are wearing it, whereas corset able to cut your waist 3-6 inch instantly which create hourglass figure effects. The waist trainer designed to provide a slimming effect underneath your clothes, and the corset can be worn under or over your clothes.

Construction of waist trainer (cincher) and corset

A waist trainer (cincher) are mostly constructed from a combination of nylon and latex or spandex which along with steel or plastic boning. A waist trainer can give you more of a waistline effect but not hourglass curves effect. A steel boned corset is made from a robust and flexible fabric (satin/cotton/mesh/leather) that’s reinforced with steel boning (flexible steel rods). Corset can be provided the corset great power for pull in your waist (create hourglass figure) and make your bust-line and hips more curve.

How Waist Trainer & Corset are Fastened and Tightened

Steel boned corsets can reshape your body over time as it can be tightened with using the laces; whereas a waist trainer cincher doesn’t have laces have only eyes and hooks. It means you just can be loosened or tightened minimally depending on how many rows of hooks-and-eyes the waist cincher has. Usually, steel boned corsets are tightened by fastened the front busk and then tighten the laces behind the corset.


A steel boned corset can be divided into either an “under-bust corset” or an “over-bust corset.” Corsets have a variety style which has more and less extreme curves and is suitable for a variety of different body types. Also, the corset can be worn underneath your clothes or over your clothes, depending on your style.

Waist trainer (cincher) has a variety of colors and print, as well as patterns. You can find the cinchers that have a range of different coverage which from simple waist trainer to thong body suits and even body briefs.

Effectiveness of Waist Training

If you are considering waist training, then use a waist trainer and corset together to achieve your waist training goals. That said, a steel boned corset are sturdier and durable, is designed to pull in your waistline over time to making waist training a more natural process. On the other hand, using waist cinchers (trainers) are just part of your waist training routine.

Most women want waist training around the clock but sleeping in a steel boned corset is not fit for everyone, but waist trainer (cincher) able to solve this problem. Cincher is applied to work out in and sleep in, but still able provide some support and shaping feature. That’s where you might benefit from both products. In fact, if you are looking to for some slimming help underneath a dress, waist trainer is more natural to hide due to corsets are bulkier.

Purpose of Waist Trainer and Corset

A corset is a garment worn to keep and contour the torso into a desired shape for medical or aesthetic purposes. Corset can pull your floating ribs and reorganizes the internal organ, depending on how much you tighten the lace. But too extreme curve corset will cause health issues including headaches, difficulty breathing, and broken ribs, etc. Waist trainers (cinchers) are undergarments made from latex and plastic or spiral boning. The spiral steel boning offers a healthy alternative to spring steel boning. It can flexes with your body and doesn’t restrain your movement also won’t cause your ribs to shift position. Usually, the waist cinchers (trainers) are used to increase your sweat when abdomen workouts in order to lose your waist belly fat and increase your waistline curve. Waist training has no health risks but only apply to workouts or sleeping. Both waist garments used for waist training. Again, remember don’t confused and don’t mix two terms as a “waist trainer corset,” with only waist trainers and corsets. The spiral steel boning more flexibility and movement becomes possible.

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