• How To Achieve Weight Loss And Motivate Yourself To Get Started

    The hardest part of a weight loss program is the challenge to getting motivated to start it. However, you need not get worried about this as help is within your reach through this write up.

    Below is a step by step guide on what to do should you desire to achieve weight loss, but was unable to motivate yourself for a start up.

    1. Give up the habits that initially caused your weight gain

    You must make up your mind to quit unhealthy habits. Although, change may take a gradual process and may not occur overnight. You need to determine to replace poor habits with healthier alternatives.

    Give up the habits that initially caused your weight gain


    1. Set a clear and achievable goal

    You need to set a precise, realistic, clear and achievable goal in order to be successful in your weight loss pursuit. For instance you can set a goal to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks rather than just setting a goal to lose weight. Your goal should not be too vague. You may decide to write it down. More examples are:

    • Run on the field four times a week.
    • Spend 2 hours at the gym every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Having set your goal, it is important to stick to it.

    How do you set your weight loss goals?

    Many people set goals; however, only 10% were successful in achieving it. How you set your goals makes all the difference. You should break your overall goal into a series of sub-goals, and then, create a step-by-step process which will help you relieve the fear and hesitation that is often associated with trying to achieve a major life change.

    It is not sufficient to indicate your readiness to lose weight and just put it down in writing. The task must be broken into measurable sub-goals. You must not only indicate your goal, but also state how you are going to achieve it.

    1. Weight loss is not a problem solver

    A lot of people make big mistakes by depending on weight loss as a means of curing their entire life’s problems. It is true that with weight loss, you will remain healthier, fitter, slimmer and so on. However, you’ll still have a bad day in the office, moments of self doubt, times when you feel undervalued and unexpected ripple effects which weight loss will not fix.

    It is unfortunate seeing people getting disappointed when having achieved weight loss and then discovered that being slim does not solve all their problems at once, and so revert to eating poorly again. You should not be ignorant about the fact that you have varieties of needs which need to be fulfilled in life. Being slimmer, healthier and fitter is just one of them.

    1. Avoid eating when you are not hungry

    This is a clear warning and I hope you understand this as well. When you consume sugary foods, they cause a subsequent crash in energy, leaving you wanting more sweetness. However, there is a need to sustain slow release energy. This is achieved by eating protein with every meal alongside whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. This prevents the energy crash caused by sugar.

    1. Don’t ignore the effective weight loss diet

    Consumption of effective weight loss diet is highly essential for weight loss.

    Overeating is a poor eating habit which leads to weight gain and contribute to excess body fat.

     effective weight loss diet

    If you avoid junk foods and concentrate on foods consisting of lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, coupled with regular exercise will surely result to weight lose.

    Truth be told, every mainstream diet out there works well if you have the motivation to stick to it.

    1. Know your obstacles

    When you lack motivation, it can be a sign of other factors, such as stress, fatigue, and emotional feeling. Find out the main reason why you’re feeling unmotivated and develop potent strategies to overcome it.

    1. Record every progress made

    Substituting a bad habit with a good one is a process that takes time. You need to keep continuously practicing this until your new habit feels natural and comfortable.

    record calories intake


    In addition, it is important to keep a record of the systematic progress made as a proof that you’re meeting your goals.

    1. Get a weight loss partner

    Getting a weight loss partner is a crucial factor because it lets you tap into the power of teamwork. This will enable you to stay on track since your partner will be accountable to, and work out with you.

    Your partner must be someone with similar weight loss goals. Besides, if you are unable to find one within your neighborhood, you may decide to search online for on-line weight loss partners. Many of these on-line weight loss sites will help you pair up with a partner. Ensure you like your partner so that you will get a pleasant experience and be motivated to continue. Let your partner support you in eating better, working out more, or both. Select a partner who will make you feel better about the whole process rather than a person who turns it into a competition.

    1. Join a class

    To stay motivated, it is very important you consider joining a weight loss class.

    There are numerous exercise classes available. Hence, there is no particular exercise class that is right for everyone as there are more options available for you to choose from. You are also free to look beyond the gym or fitness center. For instance, joining a horseback riding lessons, or learning to ski, are all classes too.

    As you work towards joining a class, endeavor to find a level that suits you. For instance, a yoga studio may have workouts for seniors, serious athletes, pregnant women, beginning adults, parents with young children, and more.

    Besides, you can also opt out for learning a new skill as there is a vast world of physical skills out there which you can explore.

    1. Do not compare yourself with your past

    You will not be motivating yourself when you are posting pictures of your younger self. In your younger years, you are probably skinnier and more athletic.

    Remember that as at today, you will not become that former version of you even if you lose weight. Comparing yourself as a fully grown adult to a teen version of you is unfair, un-motivating and discouraging. Instead try putting up more reflective images of what should motivate you and inspire you today.

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