Is Waist Training Safe? – Get Educated Before You Start

corset before and after result

Corset Before & After Result – Is Waist Training Safe?

I believe you are doing a waist training research or interested in it. Then you should know these celebrities (Jessica Alba & Kim Kardashian) often use the latex waist trainer.

In the past few years, we’ve successful to sold thousands of waist trainer/corsets and provided clients with many recommendations for their waist training journey.

This article is an attempt to educate people on how best to wear a waist corset to highlight an hourglass figure.

Waist Training History

corseting history photo

Corset – Waist Training History

Waist training also called waist cinching which dates back to the 16th century.  In the 1800s and early 1900s, women of Europe and the United States think it as fashionable. In fact, waist corset is the first mass-produced fashion garments for women.

By the 1850s, metal eyelets and steel boning have been added into the corsets to making tight lacing.  This shows that the waist training had already started at that time. Waist training is to gradually tighten the corset in a few weeks and months, pulling the floating ribs, and even do some internal organs rearrangement to achieve smaller and smaller waist circumference.

Waist training peaked in the early 1900s and was no longer fashionable in the 1920s. The following years, waist training was practiced only by a fringe few in the historical costume.

In recent years, the celebrities including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashians, and Jersey Shore often use a latex waist trainer for waist training. Therefore, the term of “waist training” has come back again.

Differences between corsets and cinchers for waist training

corset vs waist cinchers

Differences between corsets and cinchers

Understanding the differences between latex waist trainers and steel boned corsets is an essential part of educating yourself before get in waist training.

Waist cinchers mostly made from nylon, latex or spandex materials. The waist cincher is shaped clothing that specifically targets abdomen which means it’s designed to provide a slimming result underneath your clothes. Wear a waist cincher can help you shave 1-2 inch from your waistline, or choose a steel boned corset if you want hourglass curves.

Steel boned corsets are made from stiff and flexible fabric (leather/satin/cotton) and reinforced with steel boning (known as flexible steel rods) to giving the corset a powerful waist-tightening ability that highlights the curves of the hips and bust. It can instantly reduce 3-6 inches on your waistline and help you to re-shape your body over time. Waist corsets can be tightened with lace, whereas waist cinchers only tightened by the eyes and hooks.

The corsets usually secured by fastening the front busk and then lacing up the back. Corsets have divided “overbust” or “underbust.” Overbust is worn on the clothes, while underbust is worn underneath the clothes. There are many styles of corsets which included fewer curves or more extreme curves that able to fit a variety of different body types.

In my opinion, many women always want to day-and-night waist training, but sleeping in a steel boned corset isn’t suitable for everyone. Conversely, waist cinchers are more comfortable to work out and sleep in.

Do you think waist training is safe?

You will find that many critics are talking about how dangers of wearing trainers (cinchers) and corsets, but the fact is that if used with caution it is not as dangerous as heels.

According to our experience, most common criticisms of waist training which included injuries to the ribs, light breathing and back pain, acid reflux. It usually caused by extreme waist training, tightening too early or improperly sized garments. Therefore take it off if your corsets or cinchers make you pain.

Is waist training good for you? The main health benefits of waist training are support for back injuries and pain relief.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Burton Korelitz in an interview with said that “waist corset isn’t going to harm anything, and almost sixty years of practice it has never come up with a problem.”

Waist training, not a magical way to lose weight, wearing a cincher or corset can help cut your appetite and simply redistribute organs (liver, kidneys, and intestines) but they don’t melt fat.

What’s the corset actually modifying during waist training?

before and after waist corset shaping example 5

Wearing Corset can modify your floating ribs create hourglass shape.

Waist training in a steel boned corset doesn’t modify your hips in any way. Your hip bone will not move, but your two ribs (known as floating ribs) will. If you wear a corset with patience and diligence, the two ribs can be pulled in along with your waist to create an hourglass shape. The body modification you are making with your waist training is not permanent, so you need to continue with some maintenance. Otherwise, the two ribs will slowly float back to their started position.

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