• Basic Tips For Body Shape

    Tips For Body Shape

    People come in various shapes and sizes, however, scientific and medical researchers have come up with a number of shapes for all people which according to them can reveal vital information about every one of us. This information entails various health risks and body shape strategies for minimizing these risks.

    Four basic shapes have however been identified. They include:

    • Apple shape
    • Pear shape
    • Hourglass shape
    • Stick body shape

    This article will focus on the explanation of each body shape and how to determine which of them you fit in. Besides, it highlights tips for different body shapes. It is important to note that you may not be a perfect fit for any of these; however, there are features of one or more of these body types which you may possess.

    1. Apple shape

    People who belong to this group are usually identified by their slim hips and thin legs. However, they have thick tummy, back and chest. This group experience excess fat in the stomach and around vital body organs. The heart, kidneys and the liver are vital organs that are prone to major health risks such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

    1. Pear shape

    People in this group are easily identified by their wide hips. Weight gain is visibly noticed in their hips, thighs and butt. Pear shaped people usually look very healthy and normal. In the process of weight loss, this group shed excess fat quickly from their stomach, making their midriff looks very toned and flat.

    The disease profile of the fat which is stored around the hips is different from that which is stored around the stomach. This is a big advantage for this group. However, weight loss around the hips, thighs and butt can be difficult to achieve.

    1. Hourglass shape

    This body shape is considered the most healthy and desirable. People in this group possess closely proportioned hips and shoulders, coupled with a narrow waist.

    When these people gain weight, there is even distribution of the weight over their entire body.

    1. Stick shape

    This is another notable body shape. Here, the hips, waist and shoulders have the same width. The people in this category are usually characterized by their height, coupled with flat chests and long limbs.

    Stick shaped people are not usually affected by weight related diseases. This is because they are often underweight rather than overweight. In addition, they are free from body excess fat.


    The easily identifiable shapes among these four are the apple, pear and stick shapes. You can easily identify your body shape by standing naked in front of your mirror and examine the parts of your body having the most excess body fat. Assuming that the excess fat is found around your stomach, chest and back region, there is every possibility that you belong to the group of apple shape. However, if it excess fat is located around your hips, thighs and butt, chances are you belong to pear shape.

    Some shapes can be identified even without looking in the mirror. Examples of these shapes are stick shape and glass shape. However, some people possess features that are more than a single shape and are not exactly one or the other.

    There is another useful tool besides body shape, which can help you determine whether your stored body fat can constitute a health risk or not. This tool is known as waist to hip ratio calculator. The ideal weight to hip ratio for women is 0.8 or less while men should go for 0.95 or less.


    Although it is practically impossible to change your body shape, even with regular exercise, however, there is possibility of changing your appearance with the achievement of weight loss by combining diet, weight loss supplements and regular exercise.

    Below are some basic tips for the various body shapes.

    1. Apple shape

    • Embark on regular aerobic exercise. This will help you shed excess body fat.
    • Avoid compounding exercises like squats and push ups. These exercises work large muscle groups.
    • Regularly embark on Pilates, yoga and martial arts. These exercises will assist in strengthening your core.
    1. Pears shape

    • Concentrate on strength exercises. They will assist you to build your upper body muscles.
    • Avoid cardio exercises like stair climbing. They may bulk your butt.
    • Do not ignore lots of low impact cardio exercises such as walking, bike riding, swimming, etc.
    • Among the great choice of exercises to note are Yoga and Pilates.
    1. Hourglass shape

    • There are many exercises recommended for the hourglass shaped people. However, the best exercise plan to give the most desirable result is a combination of cardio and strength training.
    1. Stick shape

    • Ensure the consumption of plenty proteins. In addition, you can also use a high protein shake as a dietary supplement when eating in between meals.
    • Cardio exercise should be carried out moderately. This is enough for your cardio health.
    • Concentrate on strength building exercise. Likewise, give priority to compound exercises such as chin ups, bench press, squats, etc.


    Having considered the various body shapes in this article, it has been discovered that the body shape that is mostly prone to health risk and weight gain related diseases is the apple shape. However, if you find yourself in this group, you need not get panic.  Follow the tips enumerated above and endeavor to minimize the amount of fat being carried around your stomach and vital organs. Should you need further assistance, consult a qualified doctor or a personal trainer. You can also opt for a weight loss program.

    Health risks are much lower for the people in the pear shape, hourglass shape and stick shaped group. However, it is important that people in these groups follow the above basic tips so as to improve their general health, self esteem as well as their confidence.

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