• 10 Scientifically Proven and Safe Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Women

    Keeping your body healthy and fit is one of the hardest things to do. Some people even spent a considerable amount of money just to maintain their weight and get rid of their bulges. Achieving the weight that you want is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. For bigger individuals, fats and bumps are their worst enemies. It is not enough to just trim down your weight. You need to do it safely and healthily. To help you achieve the weight that you want, we have listed some of the scientifically proven ways on how to lose weight fast for women.

    Scientifically Proven and Safe Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Women

    • What to eat? Eat more snacks

    Some think that if they skip snack time they will lose weight. Taking foods that are low in calorie can result to slow metabolism. According to nytimes.com, if you are obese and you eat less than three times a day, you will lose weight. But according to research, skipping meals on a day and eating a heavy meal at night can delay insulin response and other undesirable outcomes which increase your risk of having diabetes. Rather than skipping lunch or breakfast, stick to several small meals a day with healthy snacks in between. 

    • Fill your fridge with healthy foods

    Do not misunderstand this tip. When we say fill your fridge, it means filling it with healthy proteins and produce. It is also best to stock the freezer with frozen veggie mixes or some berries. You may be less likely to order out if you have got the makings of a healthy meal at home. The good thing is that these healthy food are not pricey at all.

    Fill your fridge with healthy foods

    • Never skip meal

    Some people think that if they skip a meal, they will lose weight faster. Wrong! If you skip meals to control your food intake, it will lead to potentially risky metabolic changes. The tendency is that if you skip meals during the day, you will surely eat a large meal in the evening which is not good. The meal skippers had high fasting glucose levels, and the insulin response is delayed. If this condition continues, it could lead to diabetes.

    • Use smaller plates

    The size of the plate gets bigger and bigger. When it is time to eat, use a regular size plate or bowl. If you use a smaller plate rather than a tray like a plate, you will feel fuller once you consume everything on it. How does it work? Your brain may think that you have drunk lots of food already. Thus you will feel full even if you only consumed smaller portions only. 

    • Practice freezing the food

    Serve a small amount of meal, then pack the rest and place it in the fridge right away or freeze it for the next day. Studies show that if the food is out of sight, you will be less likely to get for another serving.

    • Resist temptation

    The closer you are in the fridge or cabinets where the food is stored, the more likely you will be tempted to eat. If you stay away from food, you will not feel hungry. We may be more likely to follow our gut instead of our eyes.

    • Save more healthy fats

    Cut butter and oil to reduce calories. Then swap other food with avocado, flax, applesauce, or banana for baking. But, do not forget we still need enough fat in our diet as a source of energy and to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins K, E, D, and A. It will also keep us feeling full longer. You can get polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish, and coconuts. If you combine fat with fiber, it will increase the fat’s power and will make us feel full. 

    • Add a good amount of protein

    You know that a healthy diet contains a right amount of protein because it is associated with greater fullness. Also, protein is essential for healthy muscle growth. If you are not a regular eater of meat, you can get protein from other sources like quinoa, lentils, and tempeh. These alternatives contain enough protein to keep you healthy.

    • What to drink? Drink green tea

    It is an old practice, and until now it is still instrumental in shedding a few pounds. This beverage can metabolize fat. If you combine this with resistance training, you will boost fat loss. To enhance the taste, add some lemon and to promote its antioxidant effects.

    • Reduce liquid calories intake

    Maybe you have been eating the usual snack partner – French toast and orange juice, cheese and wine, cookies and milk. Some foods are best eaten with a liquid counterpart. Keep in mind sugar-sweetened drinks are associated with increased blood pressure and body fat. Get rid of those sweet beverages and replace them with something healthy like water. If you think water is too dull for a drink, you can infuse lemon or mint on it.

    If you cannot avoid soft drinks and other sweetened drinks, you can take some, but make sure you wash it off with water.

    Achieving the weight that you want is possible if you think you can and if you stick to your healthy diet.

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