• Anaerobic vs Aerobic Cardio For Weight Loss – Which Is Best?

    Anaerobic vs Aerobic Cardio weight loss

    Cardiovascular training can be seen as a straightforward idea, but in fact, most fitness junkies do not have the entire concept of the different types of cardiovascular activities.

    Yes, you can throw on your running footwear, and run until you can’t continue to run at all.

    Although you might be pleased with this specific approach, it is most likely not allowing you to lose unwanted weight or achieve the physical body you are looking for.

    If you have found yourself grinding away at aerobic cardio for extended periods of time and haven’t received the benefits you were looking for, it’s probably time that you rethink the characteristics of the two main cardio systems.

    Aerobic cardio is known as one of the most enjoyed forms of cardio, with distance running being commonly seen as the most basic aerobic exercise.  Generally, people enjoy aerobic cardio more because it is easier.

    Many aerobic exercises training sessions can take nearly one hour or more to complete and most of these exercises are low intensity.  For the beginner trainee, aerobic exercise is much easier to complete and manage.

    Anaerobic cardio training exercises, on the other hand, are designed to be fast paced and very explosive. These exercises involve high-intensity movements, combined with limited exercise duration.

    Anaerobic exercise is more common for advanced level trainees, and it is much more efficient at burning calories.

    Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise for Fat Loss

    Which cardio training system is more productive for losing fat?

    Well, both systems have the potential to cut fat.

    However, one is clearly superior over the other.

    Anaerobic cardiovascular exercise is truly the best solution to cut down unwanted body fat, while also improving muscle mass.

    Very high-intensity anaerobic workouts such as sprints, plyometrics, agility training, and bodyweight circuits are all acceptable choices.

    Aerobic exercises are considerably less effective as compared to anaerobic, due to the reality that these kinds of exercises fail to increase lean muscle.

    The best example is to quickly compare the body of a distance runner, versus that of a sprinter.

    The sprinter is clearly more muscular, and their body type is probably much more envied.

    In reality, aerobic exercises can decrease overall muscle mass when performed!

    Moreover, a lot of aerobic workouts (such as long-distance running workouts) increase the possibility of joint damage due to the repeated over-use.

    Many people probably believe that intense anaerobic exercises would be more likely to cause this, but they are generally wrong.

    The continuous steady pounding of aerobic exercises can have many negative effects on the body.

    Types of Anaerobic Cardio

    There are hundreds of various anaerobic workouts you could use, but there are several that have lasted the test of time.

    One of the useful anaerobic workouts is sprints. This high-intensity exercise is a favorite among athletes and bodybuilders, as well as being the king of anaerobic training.

    Sprints are a complete fat incinerator, which will increase lean muscle mass in the hips, and legs and core.

    Sprints can be completed practically anyplace.

    However, I recommend running in a much softer area such as turf, or grass whenever possible.

    If you are looking to do anaerobic cardio inside a fitness center, one of the best options for you is the Jacob’s Ladder Exercise.  The Jacob’s Ladder is a high-intensity exercise, which you will probably struggle with performing for long duration at first.

    Just a couple sets of Jacob’s Ladder intervals and eat with the right burn-fat food per day will have you burning fat off from your body quickly.

    Concluding Thoughts

    Aerobic cardio can absolutely help you burn calories and weight from your body, but it just is not as efficient as anaerobic cardio.

    Anaerobic workouts are proven to build muscle mass, burn fat, and help you build a more athletic looking body.

    You can easily use both in your workout routine, but anaerobic cardio will help you with weight loss goals much more quickly!


    Author Adam Kemp

    Hi, I am professional basketball player, who has played internationally and, in the NBA Summer League with the Detroit Pistons.

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