• Yoni Massage Therapy – Helps To Lose Weight And Relax Your Soul

    tantra yoni massage

    Yoni massage therapy refers to a form of treatment which was performed since the ancient of times, especially in countries such as India and China. It is also known as vaginal massage, having numerous benefits to offer with regard to female health.

    It has been said that Yoni massage therapy can heal and empower women at the same time, working against blockages caused by trauma and liberating emotions. Keep on reading and discover the many advantages that this spiritual treatment has to offer, including when it comes to losing weight and soul relaxation.

    Yoni massage therapy, a unique modality to heal both the body and the soul

    This form of therapy is based on the idea that blockages in our sexual organs can have a negative impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. If these blockages are present, our bodies cannot heal and begin to suffer. Yoni massage therapy works to eliminate such problems, thus helping us improve our overall health. Couples who have problems in the bedroom can benefit from both Yoni massage; one can also try Kegel exercises for men, as these are highly beneficial.

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    Benefits of Yoni massage therapy

    There are a number of benefits that this form of spiritual treatment brings to the table, including:

    • Increased blood flow to the sexual organs (no more blockage)
    • Hormonal balance
    • Release of emotions and feelings associated with trauma of the past (negative impact on sexual organs and general health)
    • Spiritual healing (soul relaxation)
    • Weight loss, as a result of hormones becoming balanced.

    It is essential to understand that Yoni massage therapy can protect against various health problems, including low libido, memory loss, back pain, menopause symptoms and impotence. If your partner has low testosterone levels, you can encourage him to seek out treatment ‑ as for you, give this form of therapy a try and you will notice the difference.

    tantra yoni massage therapy

    Sexual benefits

    It goes without saying that Yoni massage therapy has the most amazing sexual benefits to offer. As you will finally be able to get rid of blocked emotions, you will improve the health of your sexual organs and, thus, enjoy better sexual experiences. This form of therapy has been known to increase orgasmic potential, which is automatically translated into more satisfying intercourse.

    Not only does Yoni massage therapy makes you feel more alive and filled with energy but it can help with female ejaculation, which is a great way to release pent-up negative emotions. Once you benefit from this type of massage on a regular basis, you will become more easily aroused. If you have always wanted to know what a full body orgasm feels like, now is the moment. After Yoni, no sexual experience will ever be the same.

    Positive effect on the mind & soul

    Our minds contain every experience we have gone through, whether good or bad. As for our souls, they are the keepers of our emotions. In order to protect ourselves, we tend to hide the traumas and negative emotions ‑ unfortunately, this can affect our health. With Yoni massage therapy, all the negative emotions will be released and you will be able to escape the traumas making you feel vulnerable.

    So, you see, this spiritual treatment is one of the most unique healing modalities you will ever come across. Women have reported amazing results after trying the vaginal massage and not just with regard to their bodies. Yoni massage therapy can cause a spiritual awakening, which will in turn help one feel better and happier. This form of therapy can help one perform better in her career, as one is no longer blocked due to all those negative emotions.

    Weight loss

    tantra yonee massage weight loss

    For many women, excess weight is the biggest problem ‑ it causes self-esteem issues and lead to social isolation. While there are many weight loss solutions presented as effective, not many seem to provide the desired results. However, with Yoni massage therapy, you will definitely see the results. This is because it acts to balance hormone levels ‑ this will activate one’s metabolism and lead to weight loss.

    The most important thing is to give Yoni massage therapy and be patient about its effects. Weight loss is possible to be achieved but, at the same time, you have to be willing to work for the results. You should be prepared to let go, as Yoni massage will bring out negative emotions and traumas ‑ once you manage to say goodbye to all of these things, you will feel amazing. Patience is key, as this is a journey you are going through.

    What else should I know about Yoni massage therapy?

    Preparation is a must before getting such a massage. It is recommended to take a relaxing bath or a shower, breathing deeply in preparation of your spiritual healing.

    Once the massage begins, the most important thing is that you stay in the moment. Breathe in and out, expressing your emotions verbally. Liberate yourself from social restrictions and allow pleasure to come into your body. You will soon feel the positive energy spreading, enjoying what it has to offer.

    The therapist will encourage you to let go of negative feelings and emotions, which will seem difficult to achieve at first. However, if you will follow the instructions ‑ making sounds and moving your body ‑ such an objective will be reached. Once again, the key is to be patient and not in a hurry for the massage to be finished.

    Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is let go. We all like to feel in control but, unfortunately, this can cause a lot of negative emotions to build up. Relax and surrender to your therapist, as this is the only way to reap the benefits of Yoni massage therapy. And, remember, there is no wrong or right way to free yourself from past trauma. Just do what it feels right in the moment.

    Yoni massage therapy might cause you to fall into a state of altered consciousness, which is beneficial for the whole process. However, you should force yourself to stay awake at least half of the time, in order to use the support given by your therapist. Only then you will truly be able to release negative emotions and start the healing process.

    You might find yourself surprised at how many things you will be feeling at once. Do not suppress your emotions and let everything out; if you need to scream, scream. Unpleasant emotions and feelings have been kept inside for so long, now is the right time to let them out.


    In conclusion, Yoni massage therapy is one of the most beneficial spiritual treatments one should consider trying. It releases the tension build up in sexual organs, helping one get rid of negative emotions and unpleasant feelings. At the same time, it improves the orgasmic potential and helps one enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences.

    As you have seen, it is recommended to those who are trying to lose weight, as it balances hormones levels. And, yes, it is a great way to relax your soul and get back in touch with yourself. Just allow yourself to let go and many great things will come.

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