CLA Weight Loss Supplements

The Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA has been known to be a popular fat loss supplement over the years. This supplement can be found in animal products including meat and dairy products. It is best when it comes from grass–fed animals.

CLA Weight Loss Supplements

It works by suppressing one’s appetite, enhances rate of metabolism and helps in breaking body fats. Hence, it effective for weight loss.

As stated above, Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an effective fat burner.


The CLAs are fat burners; they are fatty acids that are produced whenever bacteria ferment food in the stomach compartment of ruminants. The fermented CLA are however absorbed into the meat and milk of those ruminants.

Upon consumption of these dairy products, blood glucose is absorbed into body cells through the help of the CLA. Hence, CLA is then burnt for energy as against being stored as fat. Besides, fat burning in the muscles is promoted through CLA. Huge amount of calories is stored in the muscles and are being burnt by CLA.

CLA supplement is not only potent in attacking and reducing fat in the abdomen, they have high capability of losing weight.

According to research, CLA fight obesity and prevent dreaded diseases like diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis and inflammation.

To achieve speedy desirable result, CLA should be combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Over the years, attention has been drawn towards the usage of CLA within the fitness industry. A lot of people who desire to lose fat patronizing the gym, weight loss centers and body builders now combine their effort with CLA.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid which belongs to the class of omega fatty acids cannot be produced by the body alone. However, production of this acid in the body is through the diet.

Dietary supplements produced for weight loss come in various form like capsules, tablets, liquids, powders and bars. However, it is advisable to consult your physician prior to using weight loss in dietary supplements.


  1. Aids weight loss and increase metabolism

The combination of fatty acid in CLA with exercise and good eating regime enhance weight reduction, reduce body fat and boost metabolism. Experimental research findings have shown that apart from reduction in body fat mass in obese people, it can also effectively decrease body fat in people who engage in regular exercise and other fitness programs.

  1. CLA increases the growth of muscles

With reference to the aforementioned benefits, body fat can be decreased by CLA through increased metabolism. Notwithstanding, in spite of the reduction of body fat by the CLA, the reduction in overall body weight will still remain un-noticed. The reason for this is that the muscle to fat ratio can be increased by CLA and it can also boost the growth of lean muscle mass. The advantages of this are:

  • Increase in lean body mass enhances the burning of calories.
  • Your body shape will remain strong and firm.
  1. Reduction of cholesterol and blood glucose

The reduction of insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and blood glucose can be achieved through CLA. Besides, studies have shown that CLA minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

In addition, CLA acts as antioxidants in order to perform these mentioned properties.

Studies have also shown that in countries where there is large amount of ruminants, people who consume them have a lower heart disease risk.

  1. Boosts immunity

It is common to see the body running down and become prone to illness as a result of dieting and regular exercise. Nevertheless, the intake of CLA supplements enhances the immune system and prevents it from illnesses.

  1. Control cancer

Research reveals that just a little amount of CLA in a diet controls cancers and tumors. Cancers controlled through CLA include breast, skin, lung, stomach and colon cancer.


It is worthy to note that the quantity of CLA intake through animals and dairy products are insufficient to enhance a weight loss. This is the reason for CLA tablets, capsules and pills. They can be added to your diet and exercise programs.

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