• 6 Unavoidable Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

    Do you find yourself wondering, “how long will it take me to lose weight?”. There are so many tips and tricks out there that assure people that they can achieve the body of their dreams. Often at times, these tips promise you weight loss in record times. So we try everything from new diets, exercise plans, yoga etc. to trim the fat. We also find ourselves searching for phrases such as “burning fat” and the very popular “30-day challenge to lose weight”. However, it only takes one little slip-up. If you have been trying everything to lose extra fat through the years and yet you see little to no progress, then there must be something wrong with your process. Therefore, take a look at the following reasons and assess why you are not achieving weight loss:

    Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

    1. Not analyzing your calorie intake effectively

    It is true that most of us think that one meal will not make much of a difference when it comes to counting calories. Thus, we end up eating too much. It is very important to identify every food item’s calorie count before eating or planning a meal. For instance, many people believe that salads are healthier options compared to other dishes on the menu. However, we do not take into account ingredients such as sauces, dressings and the oils on our “very healthy” plates. Additionally, you may also be eating more calories than you can burn. Therefore, a good place to start is to ask your-self, “How many calories should I burn to lose weight?” This will allow you to monitor the in-and-out of your calories and hence see some progress after a while.

    1. Ignoring a balanced diet

    It is obvious that there are some foods that have a higher calorie count than others. Hence, you may find yourself omitting certain food types completely from your diet. This should not be the case. Ensure that you plans are the right combination of all food groups. Losing fat requires intake of carbohydrates, protein, as well as fat. This will enable you to gain muscle and burn body fat.

    1. Not taking enough water

    It goes without saying that your body survives (and thrives) on water. People that do not realize their goals in weight loss often take water for granted. In fact, there are many people who assume that other liquids also contribute to your water intake. For you to lose weight, you must cut down on drinks that are not water. They do not aid in fat loss and often have a ridiculous amount of calories. Furthermore, alcohol is also deterrent to the weight loss journey. Such drinks are high in calories and simultaneously dehydrate your system.

    1. Stress and lack of sleep

    While it may seem to have minimal effect on your weight, stress is actually a hindrance to your weight loss. This is because it produces a hormone that when in copious amounts deters your body from burning fat. The same goes for sleep deprivation. As a result, you might have a killer die and workout plan and yet you are not seeing desirable results. Hence, ensure that you reduce your stress levels as much as you can by engaging in activities that keep you relaxed. So, be sure to take some time off and read that nice book, take that relaxing walk or even catch that movie. Also, maintain your sleep time around eight hours of sleep every night.

    Stress and lack of sleep

    1. Not training efficiently

    Finally, a fitness and health enthusiast knows that training is something that requires pushing oneself. 10 sit-ups every three days are certainly not enough. While beginners should take it easy, the more you train the more you get tougher. Hence, something must change anytime you get comfortable. Training hard does not mean that you will gain too much muscle in the process. In fact, it is meant for you to create enough energy to burn the fat. If your body is used to the same weights, exercises etc. then you will not lose anything. Does sweating help lose weight? It can and it does. Hence, you should embrace the little sweating you get after every intense workout session.

    Not training efficiently

    I am sure if you make the above mentioned changes, you can successfully begin your weight loss journey. Do not be afraid to go the extra mile.

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