• 5 Key Ways To Lose Weight Super Fast

    Do you intend to lose weight fast? Are you looking for healthy and effective ways to lose weight quickly? The key to this lies in having the right mind-set – this will invariable help you adopt a lifestyle that will see you lose weight pretty fast. To effectively lose weight in a short time, you have to be ready to make some healthy, life-transforming changes. However, you do not have to starve yourself to death. Neither do you have to kill yourself by adopting Herculean fitness regimes or even resorting to dangerous weight loss drugs. Instead, you can try to adopt the following 5 flexible, expert-backed ways to lose weight without ruining your life.

    1. Get Adequate Sleep

    It is common knowledge that sleep DOES affect weight. What many do not know is that failure to have enough sleep can show on your weight in as little as two weeks’ time. A research on the effect of sleep was conducted by a group of doctors on some men and women. The study group was put on a calorie-controlled diet. The doctors wanted to verify the effect of sleep on weight loss. They found out the subjects who slept between 6 and 8 hours every day lost about 7 pounds in two weeks’ time. Interestingly, those who did not sleep as much did not lose as much weight, in spite of the fact that they were all on the same calorie-controlled diet. The weight loss was directly proportional to the number of hours slept.

    Adding an extra 30 minutes to the time you sleep per night is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. It doesn’t matter whether you currently sleep for 5 or 8 hours, all you need to do is to add half an hour for improved results. The logic behind this is simple. Lack of adequate sleep will lead you to making poor food choices. You will tend to go for sugary foods for breakfast. Inadequate sleep will leave you feeling lethargic, and thus you are likely to skip on your exercises. Adequate sleep translates to better quality lifestyle, which in turns means better weight management.

    1. Eat Right

    A critical way to burn calories loses weight lies in the kind of foods we eat. By eating a variety of foods in the course of the day, you burn calories lose weight. With the exception of veggies, you should not eat only one type of food during all meal times. For example if you choose toast in the morning, have a different whole-grain food for lunch and supper. You could do brown rice for lunch and quinoa for supper. Limiting yourself in this way provides you with a variety of nutrients that will elevate your satiety, which is useful for your overall weight-loss program.

    Eat Right

    Another sure way to lose weight is by having about 5 servings of legumes per week. Doing this and at the same time following a low-carb diet guarantees you a significant loss of weight in just less than one month. Scientists have long since discovered that the antioxidant compounds and fiber of legumes help fight the factors that cause obesity.

    1. One Liter of water per 50 Pounds of Weight

    Water provides innumerable benefits to the human body. It helps you avoid over-eating and promotes good digestion. Additionally water serves as one of the most effective ways to lose weight. According to a renowned nutritionist who works with models and other celebrities, you should take liter of water for every 50 pounds of your body weight. But he cautions that the water should be sipped consistently over a period of time, and not taken all at once. This is to prevent your system from being overloaded.

    One Liter of water per 50 Pounds of Weight

    The nutrition expert further advises anyone whose intention is to lose weight to choose water over smoothies, energy drinks or beers. These drinks add calories to the body, and they do not help you burn calories lose weight. He recommends water for its zero calories rating, and the fact that it helps in metabolism. You can spice up the water by adding mint or lemon wedges.

    1. Yoga to Lose Weight

    Yoga is widely practiced as one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Once you choose yoga to lose weight, you do not require any additional exercises or equipment. All you need is a yoga mat – and your own weight! How does yoga help you burn calories lose weight? To the uninitiated, rolling out the yoga mat and carrying out the stretching yoga exercises may seem too weak to help you burn calories lose weight. But this could not be further from the truth. Yoga calls for you to be focused and flexible; while at the same time using a great deal of both your mental and physical strength. To fully understand the concept of yoga to lose weight, it is important to understand that your body’s energy is dependent on three levels: body, mind and soul. The three are interdependent. If one layer is affected in any way, the other two are equally affected. The practice of yoga creates harmony among-st the three levels. This in effect means that yoga is one of the great ways to burn calories lose weight.

    Yoga to Lose Weight

    1. Get Short Interval Intensity Training

    An exercise that will get your heart pumping and help you break sweat is guaranteed to help you to lose weight. Training experts advise that the best ways to lose weight fast is to pick a workout that will act on many muscles at the same time. You can use short interval bursts of training – alternating slower training routine with short high intensity workouts. There are many workouts to choose from that will guarantee results if well done. For example, you could choose cardio kick-boxing, spinning and boot camp exercises, 25 to 30 minutes of each is guaranteed to help you burn up to 400 calories and leave you looking well-toned. Equally important is that regular intensity interval training will definitely help you build muscles. This is something that will work in your favor as it will help keep your weight under control.

    The five ways discussed above have the backing of expert nutritionists and trainers. Use these strategies to quicken your weight loss program, without losing your sanity or hurting your muscles. The tips are easy to follow, they are healthier; and what is more, they will help you to actually lose weight.

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